Whisky Outlaws

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Introducing Whisky Outlaws: Your Neo-Traditional Country Sensation!

Great Plains Talent is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our roster – Whisky Outlaws!

Whisky Outlaws logo - Circular design with cowboy hat and bandana.

Hailing from Joplin, MO, Whisky Outlaws is a Neo-Traditional Country act that has been making waves in the music scene since their formation in late 2019. Founded by talented musicians Thaddaeus Morton and Corey Reagin, who relocated to Southwest Missouri from Montana and Georgia, respectively, the band quickly took flight and soared to new heights, even amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

With nearly 400 shows under their belt, Whisky Outlaws has been leaving audiences spellbound throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Morton and Reagin’s impeccable harmonies, coupled with twangy hooks and b-bender riffs, create a sound that evokes the golden age of country while carving a fresh path of their own.

Whisky Outlaws band performing on stage with guitars and cowboy hats, under blue lighting.
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing performance of Whisky Outlaws as they command the stage with their guitars and cowboy hats.

The band’s dedication to their craft and exceptional live performances have earned them coveted opportunities to share stages with notable artists such as Shenandoah, Tanner Usrey, Trey Lewis, Kevin Galloway of Uncle Lucius, Vincent Neil Emmerson, Josh Meloy, and Ragland.

Ready to experience the magic of Whisky Outlaws live? Check out their performance of “Chainsmokin'” on YouTube: Whisky Outlaws Live Performance – Chainsmokin’

Experience the captivating allure of Whisky Outlaws’ Neo-Traditional Country sound and be entranced by their spellbinding performances at your event! Indulge your audience with the twangy hooks, impeccable harmonies, and b-bender riffs that evoke the golden age of country while forging a fresh trail all their own. With an impressive repertoire of shows, Whisky Outlaws has perfected the art of delivering an extraordinary musical experience that will leave your guests mesmerized and yearning for more. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to create unforgettable memories with Whisky Outlaws – the masters of soulful melodies and infectious energy! Secure your date now and let the enchantment begin.

Secure your date with Whisky Outlaws today and create an unforgettable event filled with soulful melodies and infectious energy. Contact us now to book Whisky Outlaws through Great Plains Talent and make your event an unforgettable success!

Raving Reviews from Critics and Fellow Musicians:

🎙️ “If you’re someone like me who nearly pukes every time they hear ‘Top 40’ country radio, you need to listen to Whisky Outlaws. Those guys are doing it right.” – Drew Cobb, KECO 96.5 Elk City

🎙️ “A breath of fresh air in country music. [Whisky Outlaws] combine lyrical genius with incredible musical ability to create songs that anyone…would love.” – Casey Budge, Western Sounds Podcast

Whisky Outlaws in sepia, seated with guitars against a brick wall, wearing tan cowboy hats.
Experience the soulful essence of Whisky Outlaws as they pose with their guitars against a sepia brick wall, donning tan cowboy hats.

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